Convenio Entidades firmantes Objeto Plazo-Duración Modific. realizadas Obligados a las prestaciones Obligaciones económicas
Ministry of health - CGCOF agreement Ministry of health, social services and equality and General Council of chambers Acting in community pharmacy project 3 years (from 12.11.15) N/A Ministry of health / CGCOF N/A
Advocacy against gender violence Ministry Sanidad Consejo chambers-General Framework agreement for the development of information, prevention and awareness-raising actions in the field of violence against women. 3 years (from 10.6.15) N/A Ministry Sanidad CGCOF N/A
The fight against doping Spanish Agency for the protection of health in sport (AEPSAD) Council General of chambers Framework collaboration agreement to establish the framework for collaboration scientific research associated with sports, protection-oriented health of athletes and people who perform sports activity and prevention in the fight against doping. 2 years ) Can be extended automatically by periods of N/A N/A